Stefanie Lischer Liers LAc super tasty rejuvenate superfood barOne of the best ways to consume superfoods when you’re busy is to put them into a homemade superfood bar. I usually make a superfood smoothie in the morning. But during the day, especially if I’m busy, it helps to have prepared some superfood bars in advance. Then I can take them to go, or give to my son for a snack. They are especially good to have for day trips or when traveling.

The great thing about superfood bars is how easy they are to make. My favorite superfood formulas are Rejuvenate superfoods. I often use Rejuvenate! PLUS for bars, but Berries & Herbs works well if you don’t have any berries. Even the original (greens) tastes great.

Below is my basic recipe for a Rejuvenate superfood bar. I change it up a bit every time for variety, so feel free to adjust the recipe to suit your tastes.

rejuvenate superfoods bar stefanie lischer liers acupuncturist nutrition RNA

Keep Rejuvenate superfood bars in the refrigerator for freshness & firmness.


Here are the ingredients you’ll need, listed in the order placed in food processor. For best results (including taste!) all ingredients should be organic or wildcrafted.

• 2 Cups Almonds

• 3 Tbsp Chia Seeds

• 2–4 Scoops any Rejuvenate superfood — PLUS, Berries & Herbs, or original (I prefer PLUS for this recipe unless I don’t have berries, then will use Berries & Herbs)

• 1–2 Tbsp raw unprocessed Cocoa Powder

• 1 Cup Walnuts (or Cashews)

• 1/4 Cup Sunflower Seeds

• Handful of Goji Berries (if the berries are really dry then I place them in a small amount of water, just to cover and let them soak until softer – save the water to add if mixture is too dry)

• 5–8 Dried Apricots or 1/4 cup (handful) Raisins, Blueberries, or Raspberries (fresh or frozen) to your suit preference.

• 2–3 Tbsp Cocoa Butter (melted), or Coconut Oil. Cocoa butter will make the bar more firm and has a higher melting point than coconut oil. If you plan to keep refrigerated and not travel with it then coconut oil will work just fine. Personally, I prefer the cocoa butter.


Begin by grinding almonds until fine. Add the rest of the ingredients one at a time, allowing the each ingredient to mix thoroughly. The ingredients can be varied to suit your taste. For example, you can leave out cocoa powder or sunflower seeds, or you could add coconut.

The ingredients that I chose were based on nutritional content as well as flavor. By the time you get to the berries the consistency should be fairly thick, but you will still be able to mix the berries. I then drizzle the oil over the top and mix it a bit as I put it in a glass container.

If the mixture is too dry, then add the water from the goji berries or any other dried fruit you soaked to obtain the right consistency.

Spread the mixture to the desired thickness (I make it about 1.5 inches thick) and place in refrigerator. Another option is to make individual servings and wrap in wax paper. If you were going on a hike in warm weather you could freeze one or two bars to take with. Enjoy!


Rejuvenate superfood bars are consumed a lot in our family. They can be eaten any time of day and they’re always delicious.

Yet, Rejuvenate superfood bars are highly nutritious. Rejuvenate PLUS and Berries & Herbs both provide a built-in multivitamin that includes coenzyme-form vitamins. There is plenty of protein in the bar, too.

While the bar contains natural sugars from fruit, it doesn’t taste overly sweet. Glycemic effects are mitigated by high nutrient density, including vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber.

rejuvenate superfood bar slice stefanie lischer liers acupuncturist RNA nutrition

Rejuvenate superfood bars provide vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber & dietary nucleic acids.

In fact, if you know much about the unique benefits of Rejuvenate superfoods, then you may know the dietary nucleic acids (food-source RNA and DNA) they provide are great for supporting optimal health and exercise performance.

I recently gave my bar recipe to professional cyclist Irena Ossola who now makes it for herself as part of her nutrition program. Irena loves these bars. Along with her regular use of Rejuvenate superfoods in smoothies and power drinks, the bar helps her improve cycling performance and speeds recovery.

If you’re looking for a highly nutritious and delicious food bar you can consume with confidence, then try making Rejuvenate superfood bars.

These bars not only provide superior nutrition for you and your family, but can also replace a smoothie when you’re pinched for time. Or make great snacks in-between meals to sustain energy (for adults and kids). Make them ahead of time, and you’ll be set for the day!


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Rejuvenate! superfoods fred liers

Last month I wrote an article about dietary nucleic acids for athletic performance that focused on HPDI’s Rejuvenate! superfoods. I must admit, I learned a thing or two about the very superfoods I’ve helped develop.

For example, I reviewed the studies done in the 1960s and 1970s by Dr. Benjamin S. Frank both using human subjects and laboratory animals. Indeed, Rejuvenate! superfoods are formulated to provide therapeutic levels of dietary RNA for optimal health, healing, recovery, and overall performance, including athletic performance.

How notable then that March was the month we took on a sponsorship of professional cyclist Irena Ossola. She approached us after having tried our Rejuvenate!™ superfoods (specifically Rejuvenate!™ PLUS and Berries & Herbs), which she initially “borrowed” from a friend. After having tried it a few times, she noticed a definite improvement in her performance and her recovery. Irena then approached us, and we have taken her on as as a sponsored athlete. 

rejuvenate! superfoods irena ossola cyclist RNA

Truthfully, we are just as excited to have Irena use and test our superfoods in the world of pro cycling, as she no doubt is to have Rejuvenate™ superfoods (and other foundational supplements) as part of her nutritional program. And of course, to gain the benefits they confer for athletic performance.

In fact, Irena is already gaining real benefits after just a short time. She says,

“I am a full supporter of the Health Products Distributors, Inc. products and using the Rejuvenate! superfoods in my recovery smoothies. I can feel the difference in my workouts and my everyday energy by incorporating them in my already clean diet. This is not just a sponsor testimonial, but honest truth! I raced 3 days last weekend, and have done 5 hard workouts in 7 days and am continually astonished at what my body has been able to do since using the products. Please help support my dream, this cause and allowing me to share my story about being a pro cyclist!!” – Irena Ossola

You see, we’ve read the research studies conducted by Dr. Benjamin S. Frank. We’ve taken Rejuvenate! ourselves. We’ve seen the benefits accrue not only to us, but also to family members, friends, employees, and many customers, including athletes. Indeed, our customers who are athletes report excellent results to us. These customers include runners, cyclists, surfers, hikers, and others.

Until now we haven’t had a pro athlete who can put our superfoods to the test. Why are we so excited? Because we believe in our superfoods and  supplements enough to know that they not only will provide significant nutritional benefits, but also offer unique benefits supporting the intense (and extreme) exercise Irena and other athletes like her perform while training and competing.


The benefits of dietary nucleic acids include powerful anti-anoxic (tissue oxygenating) effects, as well as muscle building (i.e., creating lean muscle mass in response to exercise), faster recovery, improved endurance, and other benefits from dietary nucleic acids that accrue to maximum levels when the body is exercised at high levels.

Of course, everyone makes gains in health when consuming nucleic acids in foods and superfoods like Rejuvenate!™. But the combination of exercise and nucleic acids definitely produces the greatest results, at least when it comes to athletic performance.

One of our customers who is a seriously devoted runner wrote to us:

“I have been using Rejuvenate! PLUS as I get within a couple weeks of 10k and half marathon races. It provides me with a kick and liveliness that just continues to help improve my personal best results. I gain that extra push to shave off time and perform at my peak. It also makes recovery time much shorter and a lot more effective.”
– Chris Pings, Cañon City, Colorado

It turns out that when we ask our customers who are athletes about their experiences with Rejuvenate!™ superfoods, we routinely receive feedback similar to that reported by Irena Ossola and Chris Pings.

Rejuvenate! superfoods greens continuum berries herbs plus original greens RNA

Every Rejuvenate! superfood is unique, but all provide dietary nucleic acids for optimal health.


Back in 2010, the Health Ranger Mike Adams reviewed Rejuvenate!™ Berries & Herbs and Rejuvenate!™ PLUS. He titled his product review of Berries & Herbs “Rejuvenate Berries and Herbs superfood is rich in RNA, plant proteins.”

In Mike’s review of Berries & Herbs, he called it a “10 out of 10!” He also said many other good things about it, specifically recognizing the purity of the product, its advanced formulation, and the unique fact that it’s a high-RNA formula:

“Rejuvenate! Berries & Herbs tastes fantastic. So it automatically gets consumed with greater frequency in my household, and that feels good because I know just how impressive its nutritional profile is. It’s made with sprouts protein, hemp protein, brown rice protein, blueberries and so much more. What really makes this product so remarkable is that it’s a high-RNA formula made with nutrients that are specifically chosen for their RNA content such as Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) and RNA extracts of nutritional yeast.” – Mike Adams

You can read Mike Adams’ full review of Berries & Herbs on NaturalNews.com.

rejuvenate! superfoods mike adams review recommended RNA nucleic acids

Later that year, Mike published a product review of Rejuvenate!™ PLUS titled “Rejuvenate Plus superfood is high in DNA and RNA with sprouts, chlorella and more.”

Mike spoke glowingly about the product. He emphasized the fact that Rejuvenate!™ PLUS is not some “pretty” superfood, but rather is formulated for “hard-core nutrition fans who value nutritional density over appearance.”

He also focused on dietary RNA and the nucleic acid research of Dr. Benjamin S. Frank:

“…If you search around for the work of Dr. Benjamin S. Frank and his research on RNA, you may find a rather interesting collection of information about why and how RNA is a crucial element for cellular health….To deliver RNA, this Rejuvenate Plus superfood relies on chlorella, chlorella growth factor (CGF), nutritional yeast and even RNA extracts of nutritional yeast; all combined with other supporting ingredients ..and some very high-end configurations of nutrients such as magnesium malate (not some cheap magnesium oxide) and methylcobalamin (the premium, expensive version of vitamin B12).” – Mike Adams

You can read Mike’s full review of Rejuvenate!™ PLUS. We at HPDI are grateful that Mike Adams has always appreciated the advanced formulation of Rejuvenate!™ superfoods. But he is hardly the only person to appreciate the science behind them.

Dr. Mark Sircus also wrote an article about Rejuvenate!™ PLUS that year. Dr. Sircus, like Mike Adams, personally uses Rejuvenate!™ PLUS. But at that time, Dr. Sircus had just begun with using it, and his experience with it led him to write “Superfood for Cellular Survival.” In his very first paragraph, he states, “This past week I have started using Rejuvenate Plus and I am in love.”

What follows in his review is an extensive discourse on the uses of Rejuvenate! PLUS for healing, detoxification, and even survival. He writes that the “completeness of the ingredients distinguishes this product from others” describing the nutritional balance of PLUS.

Dr. Sircus also talks about how great PLUS tastes:

“What surprised me most was that it even tastes great by itself with just water. In all my years I have not been able to take spirulina with only water. Rejuvenate Plus is a dream with juice, so mixing it in smoothies or blender drinks with fruits, nuts, berries, and/or grains or nut milks is more than wonderful.” – Dr. Mark Sircus, LAc.

Dr. Sircus has since tried all the Rejuvenate!™ formulas, and he recognizes the value of each one. We are especially pleased that he includes them in his various health protocols.

Rejuvenate! plus superfood doctor hank liers original formula dietary RNA

Rejuvenate! superfoods provide dietary nucleic acids for optimal performance.


We recently discovered a new review of Rejuvenate!™ PLUS posted on AntiAgingAnswers.net. The reviewer opens by saying that Rejuvenate! PLUS is one of her “all time favorite supplements” and that “if you have never been able to tolerate the taste of green powder supplements before, you might change your mind with this one!”

She further states that when she first began using it, she “slept much sounder at night” and “could feel an increased energy shortly after drinking a couple of teaspoons” of it.

Like Dr. Sircus, the reviewer recognizes the completeness of the PLUS formula:

“Rejuvenate! PLUS is unique because while it provides high levels of RNA/DNA , it includes many other ingredients that make it one of the most well-balanced, all-purpose superfoods available.” – Reviewer

She concludes by describing PLUS as a “difference maker” and that she can feel this difference when taking just one tablespoon daily. We at HPDI find her statement interesting because a normal serving size is four tablespoons (about 31 grams), which is two scoops providing 340 mg of dietary RNA.

Her statement us that she gains benefits from just 85 milligrams of dietary RNA daily (plus all the other nutrients in the formula). This amount corresponds with Dr. Benjamin S. Frank’s findings (reported in Nucleic Acid Nutrition and Therapy) that as little as 75–100 mg of RNA daily provides noticeable benefits.

Dr. Benjamin S. Frank not only recognized that relatively small amounts of RNA could exert “clear and marked beneficial effects” and remarkably improve how his subjects felt, but also used this fact as evidence supporting his assertion that dietary nucleic acids are essential nutrients for health (117).

If the reviewer gets beneficial results that make a difference for her health from a single tablespoon of Rejuvenate! PLUS, then how much more benefit might a person — such as an athlete like Irena Ossola — gain from taking higher levels of it? We hope to find out!

Dr. Frank reported that 1,500 mg daily RNA is an optimal amount for human health. More recent evidence suggests that amounts as high as 3,000 mg daily can be utilized effectively under conditions of extreme exercise intensity. For example, Olympic-level athletes or individuals engaged in professional sports.


We are pleased to sponsor Irena Ossola and her team, Cloud Racing. We especially look forward to seeing her performance improve as she incorporates Rejuvenate!™ superfoods and other foundational supplements into her regimen. Go Irena and GO Team Cloud!!

rejuvenate! superfood irena ossola

Irena trains in Tucson, Arizona


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