A Secret Formula for Canine Health: Dog Heaven Recipe

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Does your dog suffer with a dull coat, bad breath, or a lack of energy? Does he sleep all day or drag on your daily walks? Is he dog tired, doggy dazed, ”or just doggone” out-of-it? Now imagine your dog running in your yard, scampering here and there, playing fetch, chasing balls, rolling on his back—behaving more like a puppy! Would you be pleased if your dog gained super energy? Had a more luxuriant coat? Or was more perky? A higher of canine health and well-being is easily achievable.


My dogs love the taste of Dog Heaven and yours will, too. Why? Because your dog knows a good thing when he smells it! For starters, Dog Heaven is natural. In fact, it’s just about the most natural meal you could ever prepare for your dog. There are no artificial ingredients added, no chemical additives, preservatives, dyes, fake flavorings, fillers, or other junk. This is a perfect recipe for pure canine health!

Many of the ingredients are organic or at least non-GMO, which means no ‘Frankenfoods,’ and the fish is wild caught. And instead of some dried-up vegetables or vegetable powders, Dog Heaven calls for real organic vegetables. You can always add more or modify the recipe.

Are you ready to make Dog Heaven? Here is the recipe:


  • 1/2–1 scoop 2DOCS Rejuvenate! for Pets (1 scoop = 2 rounded tablespoons) (or other high-quality, high-RNA superfood)
  • 1 can Sardines (4–8 ounces)
  • 1/3–1/2 cup dry dog food (try a natural one like Innova’s Evo) (optional)
  • Organic Carrots, shredded (optional)
  • Organic Zucchini, shredded (optional)
  • 1–2 teaspoons organic Chia seeds (whole or ground) (optional)
  • Any other favorite healthy ingredients (optional)

Directions: Place sardines in dog bowl and add a little water (filtered if possible). Add the Rejuvenate! for Pets, dry dog food, and/or fresh vegetables (preferably organic). Add any other favorite ingredients you desire. Mix and serve.

I use a Japanese-style mandolin slicer (Benriner brand) to shred vegetables, but any mandolin or shredder device should work fine. You can also use a food processor.

Note: The amounts listed above serve a single dog. Buy canned sardines at your local supermarket, dollar store, or ethnic food market for two or three dollars per can for up to 15 ounces. Larger cans of sardines are more cost-effective (per ounce), so consider feeding your dog part of a large can (for example, serve 4–8 ounces from a 15 or 16 ounce can), or simply use the large can to feed up to 2 or 3 dogs. Serve Dog Heaven at least three or four times per week for best results.



Sardines are an ideal food for dogs because they provide large amounts of dietary nucleic acids like RNA (for energy). RNA and other nucleic acids help boost energy production (as ATP) within cells, which ultimately means more energy for your dog.

Sardines also provide essential fatty acids (like omega-3s for glossy coats), calcium, oceanic trace minerals, and other excellent nutrients.

Note: Do not regularly substitute other kinds of fish (tuna, salmon, anchovies, etc.). Sardines not only provide more nucleic acids per gram, but they also contain less mercury and other contaminants because they are so low on the food chain. Therefore, Dog Heaven calls only for sardines (the smaller the better).


I’ve never found a better superfood for dogs (or cats) than 2Docs Rejuvenate! for Pets. You can learn a whole lot about it here, and through July 8, 2013 you can save 30%.

The chlorella in Rejuvenate! for Pets is a superfood in itself. It offers high levels of RNA and other nucleic acids that will further boost your dog’s energy levels and capacity to heal.

Chlorella also provides high-quality protein (greater than 60%), chlorophyll, essential fats, and minerals. The super-high chlorophyll content cleanses, deodorizes, and will sweeten your dog’s breath! If you serve Dog Heaven often (at least 3–4 times per week), your dog will quickly attain a state of being super nourished. So instead of consuming empty calories (especially from low-grade, high-carbohydrate, grain-based commercial dog foods), he will be be getting real nutrition. And you can make it yourself easily in your kitchen.


Chia seeds were a sacred food among ancient Native Americans. These amazing seeds powerfully boost energy levels. In addition, they contain essential fatty acids (60% omega-3s), complete and balanced protein (20%), fiber (5% soluble), and lots of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants (which protect its nutritional value). That’s why chia seeds are considered a “miraculous” superfood all by themselves.

The fiber in chia allows the complex carbohydrates it contains to be assimilated slowly by the body, thereby providing sustained nourishment, reducing hunger, and keeping energy levels on an even keel. Chia also hydrates due to its capacity to absorb up to 12 times it’s weight in water. This water allows the chia to form a kind of gel that holds water for use by the body and that sustains the body’s needs for hydration.


Did you know there are pet supplements designed especially for dogs just like yours? 2DOCS offers a complete line of high-quality pet supplements, including a full-spectrum, high-potency multivitamin. To see all 2DOCS’ supplements, check out the Pet Product Overview.


Dog’s can’t talk, of course. But your dog will thank you for feeding him Dog Heaven and nutrition-boosting pet supplements from 2DOCS. He’ll thank you with his sparkling eyes, soft fur, and big doggy grin. He’ll thank you with his pink tongue, wet nose, and wagging tail. And he’ll thank you with many happy licks!



Fred Liers, PhD

Fred Liers, PhD

Fred Liers, PhD is Communications Director for Health Products Distributors, Inc. (HPDI). He leads public relations, education, outreach, and marketing efforts. In addition, he writes for HPDI's website (www.IntegratedHealth.com) and blog (www.IntegratedHealthBlog.com), as well as supports HPDI's design of advanced nutritional supplement formulas.


  1. Come on this is still process food a dog natural diet is raw meat!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Raw meat is a great thing to feed dogs, and we recommend it. I give my dogs raw meats and raw bones regularly. The Dog Heaven recipe can be modified however you wish, including adding raw meat to it. The major factor that raw meats do not provide is dietary nucleic acids. Dog Heaven is intended to provide high levels of RNA. You can accomplish this by adding Rejuvenate! alone to your dog’s diet. If you wish to use raw meats to provide high levels of RNA, then you must use organ meats like liver, heart, etc. because raw muscle meats do not provide therapeutic levels of RNA.

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