Rejuvenation Program: Part Two

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Fred Liers PhD rejuvenation lifestyleThe HPDI Master Rejuvenation Program provides proven practices, protocols, and recommendations for establishing and implementing a rejuvenation lifestyle. These elements have been proven over 26 years of development. It is a complete program to rejuvenate, regenerate, and boost vitality to body, mind, and spirit. It is especially helpful for those who want to restore health.


The Rejuvenation Program emphasizes establishing basic nutrition and using foundational nutritional formulas, including high-RNA Rejuvenate!™ superfoods and other sources of dietary nucleic acids. This rejuvenation lifestyle program rests on six foundational  elements: 1) Attitude/Commitment, 2) Detoxification, 3) Preventing Toxicity, 4) Health Building Nutrition, 5) Building Powerful Immunity, and 6) Supporting Protocols.

The six foundational elements of a rejuvenation lifestyle (as recommended in the HPDI Rejuvenation Program) are powerful individually, but act synergistically when combined to support optimal health. The results are greatly improved capabilities for your body to heal, regenerate, rejuvenate, and restore its vitality.

As discussed in Part One of Rejuvenation Program series, the first element in the program is proper Attitude/Commitment, which is one of the foundations of an effective rejuvenation lifestyle. Best results follow commitment. Because when your attitude and level of commitment are aligned with a desire for wellness, you’re ready to create health naturally. I’ll tell you more about that later, but now I want to talk about detoxification.


Detoxification is removal of existing toxins from the body. It is critical because everyone in  today’s world is exposed to harmful  toxins. Overabundance of toxins creates poor health and presents  obstacles to healing and building health. Practices for detoxification include taking Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula, intestinal corrective formulas, and consuming superfoods that support the detoxification process.


Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula is a one-of-a-kind product designed to support the health of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It is a highly effective drawing, detoxifying, and healing formula for the bowel. It cleanses the entire digestive tract by drawing toxins, clearing blockages, and supporting natural movement. It works by coating and adhering to the lining of the intestines. This unique action allows it to absorb fecal plaques and other debris, soften unhealthy deposits, and sweep them away for elimination in the stool. Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula neutralizes and removes hundreds of toxins, including heavy metals (e.g., mercury and lead). It draws out many times its weight in material encrusted or trapped in the intestinal lining. It also provides nutrients not only known to nourish the GI tract, but also that promote normal elimination functions.

Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula relieves symptoms of constipation, including gas, bloating, cramps, indigestion, and nausea caused by excessive waste in the bowel. It also soothes the intestinal lining and colon wall, and promotes a well-functioning colon. This means it can contribute to greater health not only through removal of toxins and intestinal blockages, but also by allowing greater absorption of nutrients from food (i.e., after the intestines are cleansed). It also can contribute to achieving normal weight by promoting elimination of old fecal matter (e.g., post-putrefactive deposits), and by helping to establish and maintain normal bowel function.

Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula acts as a wonderful soothing agent for the mucous membrane linings of the entire intestinal tract, especially the colon. This makes it an important formula for individuals experiencing irritable bowel syndrome, spastic colon, colitis, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, or any digestive tract condition causing hot, burning, irritated, or bleeding bowels and/or diarrhea. This unique healing formula is also an excellent remedy for food poisoning, because it can absorb harmful bacteria and toxins.


A smoothly functioning bowel is important for detoxification because it is one of the body’s primary means for removing toxins. Intestinal corrective formulas support proper elimination and digestion, and clean the digestive tract (allowing improved assimilation of nutrients from foods). Intestinal corrective formula #1 (cathartic) improves elimination and promotes proper bowel function.

Intestinal corrective formula #1 restores proper bowel function and stimulates a sluggish bowel. After bowel function is normalized, then intestinal corrective formula #1 may be stopped. Intestinal corrective formula #1 is available from The American Botanical Pharmacy at 800-437-2362 (800-HERB-DOC) ( Consuming Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula and/or Edible Earth on an ongoing basis (and/or during periodic cleansing) binds toxins to prevent toxic accumulation.


High-RNA Rejuvenate! superfoods are major sources of dietary nucleic acids. Nucleic acids (like RNA) facilitate  intercellular communication to help the body fulfill its genetic blueprint. Improved intercellular communication allows cells and organs to perform their natural detoxification functions. In addition, most Rejuvenate!™ formulas provide chlorella, whose cell wall  removes heavy metals and industrial pollutants from the body. The Rejuvenation Program is supported by four high-RNA  superfoods: Rejuvenate! PLUS (sweet greens), Rejuvenate! Berries & Herbs, Rejuvenate! Strawberry-Peach Protein Plus, and Rejuvenate! (original greens).


We recommend Nascent Iodine (non-toxic iodine). Most diets lack iodine. In fact, more than 90% of American are iodine deficient. Nascent Iodine provides rapidly-assimilated iodine for the thyroid gland. Metabolism is normalized when sufficient iodine is available to support thyroid function. When thyroid function is normalized, the body produces more energy (as ATP) needed for detoxification. For example, iodine competes for uptake with toxic halides (chlorine, bromine, and fluorine) in foods and the environment. Nascent Iodine blocks uptake of toxic halides and supports the body’s detoxification of them (via its role in producing cellular energy required for their removal).


Juicing and/or periodic juice flushing supports detoxification. Fresh vegetable juices help alkalinize, detoxify, and heal your body. We suggest regularly consuming fresh vegetable juices. You will want a juicer to make fresh juice. When you desire more direct support for detoxification, a juice flush (from three to thirty days) can be highly effective. Juicing gives digestive organs a rest and makes metabolic energy available to other organs (e.g., liver, kidneys) to support detoxification. A juice flush involves drinking up to a gallon of fresh juice per day.  It also may include liver-specific or kidney-specific herbs, as well as practices that support detoxification (see Rejuvenation Program).


Other essential practices include exercise and massage/bodywork. Exercise supports detoxification by increasing lymph flow, circulation, and oxygenation of tissues. Massage and bodywork also increase lymph and blood circulation to help detoxify tissues.

When toxic burdens decline in the body, the function of the detoxification organs (liver, kidneys, etc.) improves. They become more effective in dealing with toxins because they are healthier.


The program emphasizes living a rejuvenation lifestyle that prevents toxicity, especially during or after detoxifying. Preventing toxicity relates closely (and involves similar methods) to detoxification. This makes sense because detoxification is best supported by a diet and lifestyle that reduces exposure to toxins. The combination of removing existing toxins and preventing  toxicity greatly reduces the body’s toxic burden. Both  elements are critical to enable the body to function at its peak and clear your path toward optimal health.

Practices for preventing toxicity include consuming organic foods and reducing exposure to environmental toxins (e.g., in personal and household products). To reduce exposure to environmental toxins, use only natural soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, and personal products. Avoid commercial deodorants, perfumes, and colognes. Instead use pure essential oils, if necessary. For household cleaning, use baking soda and/or vinegar (or natural cleaning products). Avoid using pesticides and yard/garden chemicals. We also recommend wearing natural fiber clothing (cotton, silk, wool, etc.). Avoid tight-fitting clothing, especially near or around lymph nodes.

Some practices for preventing toxicity overlap with detoxification (above). These include taking Edible Earth and consuming high-RNA Rejuvenate!™ superfoods (including those containing chlorella). These formulas contain ingredients that sequester or bind toxins before they  accumulate. This prevents toxic buildup and means less burden on cells and organs. In addition, high-RNA superfoods (and other sources of dietary nucleic acids) help the body produce greater amounts of energy (as ATP) needed to keep detoxification organs functioning at their peak.

In short, practices that prevent toxicity are essential for the success of your rejuvenation lifestyle. Taking the time to establish solid behaviors and habits that favor an essentially non-toxic life (natural personal care, detoxification, clean diet, and cleansing superfoods, etc.) is critical for the long-term effectiveness of your rejuvenation lifestyle.


I discussed Attitude/Commitment in last month’s article (and above), which is the first element in the Rejuvenation Program.  It’s the most critical element because absolute commitment best supports and sustains your path to health. Here’s what I mean.

We live in a society where too often we yield control (or allow others control) over our personal freedoms and responsibilities. But those to whom we give control often fail to serve our best interests. This is especially evident in our “disease-care” system (but also is true for systems like energy, transportation, and education). A passive approach to health is not sustainable. If you want to gain (or regain) your best health, it is best to exercise your freedoms and take personal responsibility for creating it.

A new approach exists for those who want to rejuvenate (via a complete rejuvenation lifestyle program) and create high levels of health for themselves. This approach requires a full commitment to being your healthiest. It also takes the commitment to educate yourself about how to create health for yourself and to discover what makes you healthy. This is not always easy, especially if those around you (or the system you’re in) prefers you remain the person you were before you made a commitment to health. Yet, systemic forces perpetuated by fear, ignorance, or greed cannot thwart a strong desire for health or your capacity to achieve it. You absolutely can establish and sustain a rejuvenation lifestyle.

Fortunately, many individuals have traveled paths to rejuvenation and health before you. Resources are available for recommendations, guidance, and insight into best ways to rejuvenate and implement your own rejuvenation lifestyle. The key here is not always yielding to (conventional) opinions of others, but listening to yourself, and above all remaining determined to forge your new path toward health. Your new rejuvenation lifestyle awaits you.

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