Rejuvenation Program: Part One

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PART 1: Introducing the HPDI Master Rejuvenation Program

Fred Liers PhD rejuvenation lifestyleThe HPDI Master Rejuvenation Program provides practices, protocols, and recommendations proven over 26 years. It is a complete program to rejuvenate, regenerate, and boost vitality to body, mind, and spirit. It is especially helpful for those who want to restore health.

Because our Rejuvenation Program consists of a series of health-buillding practices, principles, protocols, exercises, etc., we consider the entire program to be a part of a rejuvenation lifestyle that incorporates a wide range of elements creating a style of life that promotes and supports rejuvenation of body, mind, and spirit.

High-RNA superfoods powerfully build health. They work best when part of our complete nutrition and healing program. When used as part of a complete program, high-RNA superfoods help create maximum health, wellness, longevity, and quality of life.

The Master Rejuvenation Program is supported by five Rejuvenate!™ high-RNA superfoods: Rejuvenate! PLUS (sweet greens), Rejuvenate! Berries & Herbs, Rejuvenate! Strawberry-Peach Protein Plus, Rejuvenate! PRO (raspberry-cherry-vanilla), and original Rejuvenate! (greens). These superfoods are unique because they  provide therapeutic levels of dietary RNA. Dietary RNA is key to health, energy, and longevity. Indeed, Dr. Benjamin Frank has stated that nucleic acids are an essential dietary category like vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids.

Rejuvenation is a Lifestyle

Rejuvenation is best realized within the context of a rejuvenation lifestyle that embraces total health. Most practices in the Rejuvenation Program are easy to include in your daily regimen. When followed consistently they  help create energy, vitality, and glowing health. All practices and protocols for rejuvenation are based on a foundation of six elements.

Six Foundational Elements of a Rejuvenation Lifestyle
(HPDI Rejuvenation Program)

1. Attitude/Commitment. Determination to attain optimal health and full commitment are the cornerstone of the program. They’re critical for success because only commitment will produce results. See more below.

2. Detoxification. Removal of existing toxins from the body. Among the first steps toward health is removing toxins that reduce organ function and threaten health. We present ways to accomplish this effectively.

3. Preventing Toxification/Toxicity. Preventing accumulation of toxins from food, air, water, skin products, etc. To attain best health, it is necessary to prevent or reduce the further buildup of toxins. This is primarily achieved by avoiding toxins and by consuming non-toxic foods and using non-toxic products.

4. Health Building Nutrition. Nutrition from food, RNA/DNA, supplements, water, vegetable juices, via  skin, etc. This maximizes health through super nutrition. We provide  recommendations for foods, superfoods, supplements, and recipes.

5. Building Powerful Immunity. Creating strong immunity with herbs, immune boosters, anti-stress protocols, etc. A powerful immune system is required for good health. Recommendations, protocols, and certain products can help you create and maintain healthy immunity.

6. Supporting Protocols. Protocols include recommendations for exercise, massage, saunas/hydrotherapy, acupuncture, meditation, etc. These are critical for maximizing the gains made through nutrition and are powerful health-building measures themselves.

These foundational elements of a rejuvenation lifestyle are discussed in detail on our Rejuvenation Program page. I will also address them in forthcoming newsletter articles.

The element of Attitude/Commitment necessarily precedes all other elements. When you are committed to creating your best health, the program can work wonders. It includes a readiness to move forward, a willingness to ‘dive in,’ and a desire to travel the path to optimal health. Something happens when you commit. Your path opens and you begin moving in the direction of health.

Our Rejuvenation Program works because of the natural synergy that occurs within a rejuvenation lifestyle. That is, a lifestyle that promotes rejuvenation. Synergy means the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Attitude and commitment are the first steps on this path. They open the door to wholeness, health, and well-being.

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