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‘Rejuvenation’ often is defined as reversal of the aging process. This contrasts with ‘life extension’ strategies that attempt to combat the causes of aging in order to slow it down. Because rejuvenation is the reversal of aging, the means employed to achieve it focus on repairing the damage caused by aging (e.g., free-radical damage) and replacement of damaged tissue with new tissue. While rejuvenation is one means to achieve extension of life, rejuvenation itself fundamentally affects a person by restoring aspects of youthfulness from the inside out. This program is designed to reverse biological aging. It emphasizes quality-of-life instead of mere prolongation of it. It is about enhancing your experience of life itself.

About the Master Rejuvenation Program

Our Rejuvenation Program consists of recommendations, practices, subprograms, and protocols developed and proven over a period of twenty years. The program is designed to rejuvenate, regenerate, and restore vitality. The program is especially helpful when health needs to be restored. However, most of the elements of the program are easily incorporated into daily life. Ideally, the elements of the Rejuvenation Program become a part of your life. When followed consistently, these elements constitute and support what we call the “Rejuvenation Lifestyle” — a way of living that is characterized by maximum vigor, robustness, and glowing health.

Foundational Elements of the HPDI Master Rejuvenation Program

  1. Attitude / Commitment
    (The foundation of the program because it is critical for success)
  2. Detoxification
    (Removal of existing toxins)
  3. Preventing Toxification / Toxicity
    (Stop accumulation of toxins from food, air, water, skin products, etc.)
  4. Health-Building Nutrition
    (Nutrition from food, RNA/DNA, supplements, water, via skin, etc.)
  5. Building Powerful Immunity
    (Building immunity with herbs, immune boosters, anti-stress protocols, etc.)
  6. Supporting Protocols
    (Exercise, massage, saunas/hydrotherapy, acupuncture, meditation, QRS, etc.)
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  1. Hi. My name is Peter and I am Dr. Benjamin S. Frank’s son. Thanks for all the wonderful things you said about him. I would like to learn more about your rejuvenation program and perhaps start using your products.

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