2DOCS Human Grade Pet Supplements

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Dr. Hank Liers, PhD, formulator of 2DOCS pet supplementsMy journey into designing pet supplements began in the realm of human nutrition. I have been a formulator of human nutritional supplements for more than two decades and have designed hundreds of products. My focus from the beginning has been to design the purest and most effective products that create health naturally. My approach to product design has led to a recognition for excellence from both professionals and consumers in the national and international communities.

In the early 1990s, in collaboration with Dr. Randy Aronson, VMD, we began testing human-grade formulas for veterinary use, achieving spectacular results. We observed that pets were healthier, happier, and amazingly vibrant. We’ve seen glossier coats, brighter eyes, greater energy, and more zest for life. Our dream was to share our expertise and help create pet health by offering nutritional supplement formulas that will do for your pet what the best human-grade supplements do for people…support health naturally!

In 2004 we introduced the 2DOCS line of pet supplements. 2DOCS pet supplements use only the purest ingredients available (often USP) and we specify a guaranteed or standardized potency whenever possible. We purchase our raw materials only from reliable suppliers dedicated to providing the highest-quality ingredients.

2DOCS pet supplements are not designed to target price points, but to achieve the best results. For example, we choose whenever possible to use coenzyme forms of vitamins in our formulas that may cost ten times more than the usual forms used by vitamin manufacturers. Coenzyme forms of vitamins are the forms that are used in the body and are usually found in food. Our great attention to quality and purity leads to products that cost more, however, our quest for your pets well-being is always met and well worth the extra cost! As you can see from the following endorsements and testimonials, 2DOCS pet supplements are simply effective at creating health naturally!!

My partner, Dr. Randy Aronson has been a practicing veterinarian for thirty years in Arizona. According to Dr. Aronson, “during the course of my practice, I have come to understand that the nutritional building blocks of superior pet food coupled with administration of core vitamins and supplements creates the best pet health. My professional veterinary practice focuses on achieving pet wellness, providing preventive-based recommendations, and educating pet parents. I rely upon many modalities in my practice, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), animal acupuncture, animal rehabilitation, sports medicine, western herbal medicine, and nutritional supplements. Nevertheless, I find that incorporating the 2Docs line of nutritional pet supplements most rapidly achieves the goals of my practice.”

Here is an overview of 2DOCS Pet Supplements:


SMALL PET MIGHTY-MULTI: a multivitamin, mineral, and cofactor tablet product that provides the basic nutrients needed by your small pet (less than 30 lbs) on a daily basis. A high-quality product that contains coenzyme forms of vitamins and Krebs cycle mineral carriers. It is flavored using desiccated fish (tuna) and liver (bovine).

LARGE PET MIGHTY-MULTI: This product is the same formula as SMALL PET MIGHTY-MULTI, but comes in a larger tablet for pets weighing more than 30 pounds.

SMALL PET ESSENTIAL FATS: This product is important for skin and coat health, reducing allergies, controlling inflammation, and trapping free radicals. It contains the highest-quality molecularly distilled fish oils (omega-3) and cold-pressed borage oil (GLA/omega-6). Also, the product contains Vitamin E, as mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols, that provides antioxidant protection. It comes in a small softgel capsule.

LARGE PET ESSENTIAL FATS: The   same   formula   as   SMALL   PET   ESSENTIAL   FATS   except   it   also   provides astaxanthin for added protection against free radicals and inflammation. It comes in a large softgel capsule.

PET ANTIOXIDANT FORMULA: provides antioxidant protection in a small gelatin capsule. Contains buffered Vitamin C, grape seed and green tea extracts, glutathione, NAC, alpha-lipoic acid, and selenium.


ALLERGY DEFENSE FORMULA: relieves itchiness, aids breathing, and eases the discomfort of an allergic pet. Significantly reduces skin irritation and the scratching. Contains Vitamin C, turmeric, rutin, bromelain, nettle leaf extract, NAC, licorice extract, magnesium, and alpha-lipoic acid. It is flavored using desiccated fish (tuna) and liver (bovine) and comes in a small gelatin capsule.

JOINT DEFENSE FORMULA: an advanced formula that reduces joint pain and inflammation. This product helps to build and rebuild healthy joints and comes as a powder and also in a small gelatin capsule that can be opened and put on your pet’s food. It is flavored using desiccated fish (tuna) and liver (bovine).

GI DEFENSE: a synergistic formula that is used to reduce intestinal pain and inflammation as well as diarrhea. Contains marshmallow root and slippery elm bark powders, glutamine, rutin, inulin (a prebiotic from chicory root), and probiotics. It is flavored using desiccated fish (tuna) and liver (bovine). It comes in a small gelatin capsule.


REJUVENATE!™ FOR PETS: a high-RNA superfood powder supporting regeneration, vitality, and healing. It offers very high nutrient density and super-vitalizing ingredients including chlorella, d-ribose, nutritional yeast, chia seeds, rice bran solubles, spirulina, Vitamin C, chlorella growth factor (CGF), magnesium, dulse, kelp, RNA, folinic acid, and methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12).

CELL SUPPORT FOR PETS: provides nutrients supporting repair, free-radical defense, immune strengthening, detoxification, tissue oxygenation, and healing processes. This formula offers extremely high nutrient density, vitalizing nutrients (e.g., vegetable sprouts), and synergy afforded by combining these ingredients in a single formula. Includes a broad array of herbs, antioxidants, and nucleic acids. It comes as a powder that is flavored using desiccated fish (tuna) and liver (bovine source).

2DOCS formulas do not contain wheat, gluten, corn, dairy products, sugar, eggs, preservatives, or artificial colorings or flavorings. 2DOCS avoids using fillers, but when necessary, we only allow the use of USP grade microcrystalline cellulose.


My friend and colleague Dr. Daniel Murray, DVM from the Animal Care Center in Green Valley, AZ has this to say about 2DOCS products: “My own background in biochemistry has allowed confirmation and some understanding of the foundation for what Dr. Liers has developed for 2DOCS. We have dealt with many different supplement companies with shiny brochures and big advertising budgets, but none that compare in overall quality and thought to what the 2DOCS line can offer.


I initially designed 2DOCS’ pet formulas because I wanted human-grade supplements for my own pets. As chief formulator for Health Products Distributors, Inc., I had already given my own pets the HPDI formulas I designed for humans. And my pets thrived. Later, HPDI began selling human formulas to Dr. Aronson for use in his veterinary clinic. The improvements in the health of the animals administered these human formulas were nothing short of spectacular, and I expected this to be the case since I had already seen the results with my own pets.

After designing the 2DOCS line specifically for pets, we began to see in earnest how great the impact in pet health could be. After ten years of witnessing significant improvements in the health and well being of many animals, I am excited to share with you the line of products I designed. We are certain they will work for your pets.

Try our products for your pets and see the difference in their health and vitality. In this world, pets must deal with similar levels of toxins, stress, and dietary deficiencies that their owners experience. In fact, given the fact that processed pet foods typically are not organic, contain high levels of grains and carbohydrates, as well as genetically modified ingredients and toxic preservatives, it is any wonder pets succumb to the same degenerative diseases as do their owners? Animals in the wild almost never experience these health problems.

2DOCS products are formulated to provide high levels of essential nutrients, and in the case of blue line specific condition formulas and green line superfoods—to provide therapeutic levels of nutrients required for optimal health and well-being.

Your pets deserve the best nutritional supplements you can provide for them. We offer just those formulas that can make a huge difference in their lives…and yours.

To learn more and to order 2DOCS pet supplements (now on sale for 30% off) please click here.

  1. The pet formula has some fantastic ingredients, wanted to mention that first and foremost! I was curious about your thoughts on the addition of an omega 3 oil also? Or would that not be necessary?

    1. The 2DOCS Small Pet Essential Fats and Large Pet Essential Fats products were specifically designed to provide the necessary omega 3 and omega 6 oils needed by the pets. They work so well that they are the best selling 2DOCS products!

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