New Study Shows Lowered Cancer Risk with Multivitamins

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A New Study Supports Multivitamin Use

A new study published online last week shows that a daily multivitamin had a lowered cancer risk by 8%. The study was performed on approximately 15,000 older men, half assigned randomly to take a multivitamin tablet and the other half to take a placebo. The men included in the study were medical doctors older than 50, including some older than 70, averaging about age 64. The most common cancer was prostate cancer.

Overall the risk of cancer was low, about 2% per person per year. After about 11 years, the cases of cancer in the 15,000 participants were tabulated. Those who took the multivitamin tablet were diagnosed with 89 fewer cases of cancer (1379 vs. 1290), which represents a reduction of 8%. This result, although modest, is significant because the reduction in risk was greater than would be expected by chance.

This study was reviewed in depth by the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service. It is highly recommended that you read their review article. The article points out that a multivitamin is the most popular dietary supplement. 56% of American adult women and 48% of American adult men take multivitamins. 72% of physicians personally use dietary supplements. The multivitamin is the most popular dietary supplement taken by doctors.

It is pointed out in the article that the multivitamin used in the study was of very low quality and included the very low daily doses recommend by the Institute of Medicine. In addition, it is pointed out that much higher dosages of vitamins are recommend by nutritionists, alternative doctors, and individuals who for many years have followed the research studies on the topic.

HPDI’s High-Quality Multivitamins

The HPDI website offers a range of multivitamins that meet the needs of different individuals. This includes multivitamins for highly active individuals, children, older people, chemically sensitive people, persons who cannot easily swallow tablets, and for individuals who prefer capsules. All of our multivitamins incorporate the highest quality and most bioavailable forms of vitamins and minerals to ensure excellent results.

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All of our multivitamins are the highest quality and provide absorbable forms of vitamins, minerals, and cofactors. Each is somewhat different and suited for a particular purpose or need (e.g., children, chemically sensitive individuals).

Our Free Foundational Supplements Booklet

We have published a free booklet on the Health Products Distributors, Inc. (HPDI) website concerning foundational supplements. Foundational supplements include multivitamins, antioxidants (including Vitamin C), essential fats, and high-RNA superfoods. Our booklet reviews the research findings and suggests products I have formulated over the last 20 years. These formulas provide individuals with proper nutritional ingredients in the amounts that will yield optimal health benefits.

In the The Need for Foundational Supplements, we point out the human body requires a wide range of nutrients for the metabolic system to function properly. Based on our research and experience over 24 years, we know it is important for optimal health that individuals go beyond taking just a multivitamin. The much higher doses for supplements we recommend are truly an inexpensive and effective means to support lowered risk for cancer and other age-related conditions, including diabetes, eye diseases, and heart disease.

Please read The Need for Foundational Supplements. You can also access it from the Resources list (below), the link in the left hand column of this blog post, or directly from our website ( in the “Product Overviews” pulldown menu.


Health Products Distributors, Inc. website:

1) HPDI Foundational Supplements booklet. A valuable resource for understanding and using foundational supplements for optimal health, healing, and wellness.

2) Why You Need Foundational Supplements. A presentation of the four essential supplements you need to create health naturally.

3) Foundational supplements product listing. A visual catalog of our foundational supplements.

4) Main article about the new study:




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