New Product! A Letter to Our Customers Regarding CARBON60

Thrive Carbon 60
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Dr. Hank Liers, PhD new hemp CBD website integratedheathhempDear Friends,

For several years I’ve been examining the emerging research concerning what may be the world’s most powerful known antioxidant: carbon60. Carbon60 was discovered in 1985, and the three men who discovered it were awarded the Nobel Prize because it was the first new form of carbon to be discovered in roughly 300 years. Initially, it was thought that carbon60 could be used as a therapeutic agent, but this proved difficult because carbon60 is hydrophobic, meaning it repels water, so it was difficult to get it into the body.

Over the next few decades, scientists found that you could actually bind carbon60 to lipids. Once combined with a lipid or fat, the carbon60 molecule is able to penetrate the cell membrane. Research has shown that once inside the cell, carbon60 works as a major antioxidant, decreasing toxins, scar tissue, and inflammation. The net effect is a boost in energy, reduced joint pain, greater mobility, improved immunity and digestion, and overall better health.

About four years ago I began researching products containing carbon60 bound to oils such as extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil. I discovered the healing properties to be so powerful that I started taking them myself and provided them to a select group of customers.

Recently I came across the carbon60 products developed by a company called C360 Health. Their research and patents set them apart, so I chose C360 Health as our provider of carbon60 products such as Thrive Whole Body Health and Thrive Whole Pet Health. Both products combine carbon60 with pure organic extra virgin olive oil and include natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. Thrive Whole Body Health is an especially strong antioxidant supplement that is also highly effective at helping to reduce inflammation and toxicity throughout the body.

Carbon60 demonstrates the strongest antioxidant currently known (270 times stronger than vitamin C) and enhances cell function by negating oxidative stressors (free radicals). Potent, natural, anti-inflammatory ingredients such as L-carmosine, Serratiopeptidase, and CoQ10 have been added in Thrive Whole Body Health to dramatically reduce inflammation throughout the body. This reduction in inflammation improves cognitive focus, gut health, joint flexibility, mobility and reduces pain. It also detoxifies the body and supports the immune system, bringing the body back to balance. Most people and animals (dogs, cats, & horses) exhibit marked improvement within 2-4 weeks, however many customers have reported more immediate results.

Thrive Carbon60 (c60)

Benefits include: 1) Increases vitality, energy, and stamina, 2) Provides powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties, 3) Balances and supports a healthy immune system, 4) Helps address symptoms of both acute and chronic inflammation, and 5) Helps oxygenate the tissues for faster muscle recovery and 6) Helps rebuild soft tissue and reduces scar tissue.

Over the next few months I’ll be sharing more about the science behind carbon60 and the potential for these products to  pave the way to a healthier society. For now, you can find Thrive Whole Body Health and Thrive Whole Pet Health on our website. If you want to try an antioxidant / anti-inflammatory product that sits at the very edge of emerging science, carbon60 is for you, and Thrive Whole Body Health and Thrive Whole Pet Health are the very best on the market.

Yours in Health,
Hank Liers, PhD

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