The Health Benefits of Oral Magnesium Using MYO-MAG

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I first became involved with nutritional supplements and alternative approaches to health in 1984 when my wife Joanne became extremely chemically sensitive. In 1989, I formulated my first nutritional supplement, which we still sell today as OPC-C. Initially, it was a combination of Vitamin C buffered with magnesium and calcium and oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) from pine bark. Later, the OPC source became grape seed, skin, and stems.

In 1993, a blood test indicated that Joanne had a functional magnesium deficiency. This meant that although she had adequate magnesium levels in her body, her mitochondria could not use it effectively to produce energy (ATP). Without sufficient ATP the body cannot carry out many of its metabolic functions, and a person suffers from severe fatigue.

Shortly after receiving Joanne’s blood test results, I learned about a product that contained magnesium and malic acid. Indeed, in “Management of Fibromyalgia: Rationale for the Use of Magnesium and Malic Acid,” Abraham and Flechas reported that supplementing the diet with magnesium and malic acid may reverse conditions of low energy (Journal of Nutritional Medicine 1992 3: 49–59). The recommended daily amounts included 300–600 mg of oral magnesium and 1200–2400 mg of malic acid. Based on this information, Joanne tried this product and it seemed to give her more energy.

Can Oral Magnesium Help?

As it turned out, the magnesium and malic acid product Joanne took was not properly buffered and contained no B vitamins, which are critical to the body’s metabolic processes that make ATP. I therefore formulated MYO-MAG, which provides oral magnesium in the form of malate and diglycinate, as well as Vitamins B1, B2, and B6 (including coenzyme forms of these vitamins). MYO-MAG is buffered with a small amount of magnesium carbonate, and included some manganese for mineral balance.

After taking MYO-MAG, Joanne’s energy and sense of well-being dramatically increased. And for the first time in many years, she could also take a wide range of other nutritional supplements that provided additional benefits. When I gave even small amounts of MYO-MAG to other chemically sensitive people, there was an almost instant positive response and having more energy. Even those with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue respond well to MYO-MAG.

I find it useful to employ a method of titration to ‘bowel tolerance’ in order to arrive at the optimal dosage. If someone takes too much oral magnesium at one time, very frequently the person will experience diarrhea, gas, or loose stools. However, by starting at a smaller dose, spreading out the doses over the course of the day, and gradually increasing the amounts taken until gassiness and stomach rumbling are experienced (and then backing off a bit), you gain the maximum benefit. Using this method, Joanne was able to take 12 capsules daily (1,200 mg of oral magnesium) and her health began improving significantly.

Today, MYO-MAG remains one of our bestselling products. We are pleased to continue offering our customers this highly effective oral magnesium supplement with a proven track record of major benefits. These benefits include less fatigue and greater energy, improved metabolic functions, cardiovascular support, nutrition for muscles, reduced spasms or cramps, help for migraine headaches, and many other benefits.

  1. Hello Mr. Lier;
    I have just ordered some Myo-Mag. I am a 72 year old female with type 2 diabetes. After trying for years, to take the “traditional” diabetic meds, (and I have taken them all with no good results, but loads of side affects) I have decided to stop them all and try do control my blood sugar (to a degree) with diet.
    I am looking forward to receiving my Myo-Mag. I do the Magnesium oil daily on the skin, and occasionally some orrally.
    I am going to start back up on the rejuvenate, which I tried a couple of years back, but did not keep it up.
    Which Rejuvenate would you reccomend for me?
    I am not fond of the extreme “green” taste. I do your chia seeds daily also.
    If not too much trouble, please advise
    Thank you,
    Betty Vaughn

    1. Hi Betty – Sorry I did not get back to you sooner! For you I recommend the Rejuvenate Berries & Herbs. Also, you would do well on our Diabetes Support Formula.
      Hank Liers, PhD

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