Choosing Supplements for a Complete Nutritional Supplements Program

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Dr. Hank Liers, PhD choosing nutritional supplementsI have studied nutrition and health for almost 30 years. During this period, I have read deeply (and spoken to many experts) on how to be healthy and create optimal health. I have incorporated much of what I have learned into my personal life. I have used my knowledge to formulate hundreds of products addressing the needs for a complete nutritional supplements program.

Also, I have advised thousands of people concerning ways in which they can improve their health, and taught health professionals how to use nutritional supplements in their practices.

During these years I have seen a very broad range of health issues. For many of these health issues, I have put together a set of Health Recommendations based upon my reviews of scientific articles and books, and my personal experience with what works best for people. In these Health Recommendations, I make suggestions for healthy diets, ways of avoiding toxins, detoxification, exercise, ways of dealing with stress, and how to optimize a nutritional supplements program.



I have observed that few people know how to properly select supplements as part of an optimized nutritional supplements program. Very often people take a piecemeal approach to nutritional supplements because they have heard from someone that a particular nutrient works for a certain health issue and another nutrient is useful for dealing with another issue, etc. In general, this approach fails because it is misses important nutrients needed by the body. That is, the piecemeal approach overly focuses on immediate issues without helping to establish intake of nutrients that create and maintain optimal health.


In my experience, I have observed that it is important for an individual to begin their nutritional supplements program with Foundational Supplement Formulas. These provides adequate amounts of the basic nutrients satisfying nutritional requirements identified by research and clinical experience over the last 75 years. We have documented this in our Foundational Supplements booklet and on the HPDI website (

In this foundational supplements program there are four components: 1) A high-potency Multivitamin and Mineral formula 2) An Antioxidant and Vitamin C formula, 3) An Essential Fatty Acids Formula, and 4) A high-RNA Superfoods formula. I highly recommend that anyone interested in being on a nutritional supplements program read more about foundational supplements.


After selecting your Foundational Supplements, the question arises do you need supplements more than these The answer to this question depends upon a wide range of factors including: 1) your diet, 2) your exposure levels to toxic substances, 3) levels of stress you experience, 4) your environment, 5) where you live, 6) your blood type, 7) the amount of exercise you get, 8) your genetics, 9) your health history, and 10) your current health.

There may be other influencing factors depending on your unique profile and history. In most cases, however, the answer to the question of whether you require additional nutritional supplements is “yes.” That you do, in fact, need more! Nearly everyone does.

I divide “add-on” supplements into two categories: A) Enhancements, and B) Specific Condition Formulas.

Enhancements tend to be nutrients that support the functioning of the entire body and although your Foundational Formulas may include small amounts of these nutrients, you may require them at much higher levels. Examples of Enhancements include iodine, Vitamin D, magnesium, coenzyme Q10, immune support formulas, and liver support formulas. Enhancements may also be related to the body you live in, e.g.,  male, female, child, older person, athletic.

Specific Condition supplements are formulated to support the body’s effort toward resolving specific health issues. These include a broad range of issues including 1) blood sugar control, 2) high blood pressure, 3) joint problems, 4) eye problems, 5) colds & flu, 6) depression, 7) low energy, 8) environmental sensitivities, 9) heart problems, 10) digestive disorders, 11) sleep problems, 12) hormonal issues, 13) infections, 14) allergies, etc.



In order to simplify the process of selecting an effective nutritional supplements program for you, we are in the process of developing a system that is illustrated in the diagram shown below. This Supplement Selection Wheel allows you to click on the sections most appropriate for you and leads you to the options that are most appropriate for this selection.

The example shown selects “seniors” in enhancements (middle ring) and “blood sugar control” in the condition specifics (outer) ring. Below the wheel there are sections for Foundational Formulas, for enhancements, and for specific conditions. Each section provides a list of formulas that can be chosen to fulfill your needs. Written materials are provided in order to help you choose the formulas best suited for you. We anticipate adding links in appropriate places that will provide further insight into the most appropriate program for you.

Choosing Supplements

We will continue to develop and refine the Supplement Selection Wheel over the coming months. We will update you on our progress in our blog articles and newsletters. After sufficient refinement, we will post it on our website so that our readers can easily select a complete and excellent nutritional supplements program.


HPDI Master Rejuvenation Program

Health Recommendations Index

Why You Need Foundational Supplements

“Ultimate Protector™ and the Role of Foundational Supplements for Health”

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