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Fred Liers PhDHPDI recently introduced a new type of super antioxidant formula to its lineup of foundational supplements. It is called ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ — and is already in a class by itself.

Designed by Dr. Hank Liers for use as both a “standalone” antioxidant formula and as a foundational supplement to be used in conjunction with other foundational supplements, the formula provides shockingly high antioxidant capacity (486,000 ORAC5.0™ units per recommended dose of six capsules).

In fact, ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ brings triple action to bear on quenching all five major types of oxidants that damage human health. The formula demonstrates superior free-radical and oxidant quenching capacities (e.g., when compared to other antioxidant-type formulas) because its design provides antioxidant action across a broad spectrum.

ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ is unique in that it provides major protection to cells from all of these oxidants: 1) superoxide anion (O2·-), 2) peroxyl radicals (ROO·), 3) hydroxyl radicals (HO·), 4) singlet oxygen (1O2), and 5) peroxynitrite (ONOO-). Most competitor formulas display an uneven response, whereby they may protect well against peroxyl radicals, for example, but poorly or not at all against singlet oxygen. This is the reason ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ is the leading cell protection formula on the market.

ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ ORAC Units Per Serving (six capsules)

ORAC5.0 Units
Per Serving*

Free Radical Type
17,700 Peroxyl Radical is very important in many biological systems, including lipid peroxidation, DNA cleavage, and protein backbone modification.
16,500 Hydroxyl is highly reactive and cannot be eliminated by our endogenous enzymes. It damages virtually all types of macromolecules: carbohydrates, nucleic acids, lipids, and amino acids. In the skin, hydroxyl radicals are created by UV exposure.
6,900 Peroxynitrite is a reactive nitrogen species that is particularly harmful to proteins. It has been implicated in the development of certain cancers, hepatitis, and chronic inflammation. In the skin, peroxynitrite contributes to the breakdown of vital proteins, such as collagen.
146,000 Singlet Oxygen is generated in the skin by UV exposure. It is linked to the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.
Superoxide Anion is a precursor of all other reactive oxygen species – sometimes referred to as “the mother of free radicals.” It is highly toxic and contributes to lipid and DNA damage.



* Brunswick Laboratories test results for ORACFN (ORAC5.0™) for ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ are available here.


ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ can offer such potent free-radical quenching capacity because it combines three formulas into one knockout formula. It supplies potent antioxidants (exogenously) as do some other products like PRO-C™. It also supplies Nrf2 activators that stimulate your body’s cells to produce their own antioxidants (endogenously), as do a few Nrf2 products on the market. Finally, it supplies significant amounts of superior-source Vitamin C.

All three of ULTIMATE PROTECTOR’S modes of antioxidant action are powerful in themselves. But when combined their antioxidant power surpasses all other antioxidant products (including most dedicated Nrf2 activator products) producing a combined ORAC5.0™ value of 486,000 units per recommended serving (six capsules).

Ultimate Protector - nrf2 activatorULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ works by providing three different types of antioxidant protection, which creates massively potent antioxidant capacity. Here are the three types of sub-formulas included in the product:

1) POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS (from 30 different plant-based ingredients) that when combined produce the highest ORAC5.0™ value ever measured in an antioxidant formula. This combination of many different types of plant antioxidants, including polyphenols, is what makes the product so effective, In fact, if  take thirteen capsules of ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™, you receive 1,053,000 ORAC5.0™ units! As Dr. Mark Sircus writes, “there is no other product that even comes close” to providing this level of antioxidant protection (see his full article here). Moreover, the formula protects against all five major types of free-radicals, and therefore is unique among antioxidant formulas.

2) NRF2 ACTIVATORS (also from plant-based ingredients) that turn on your cells’ own internal antioxidant production systems. The presence of Nrf2 activators in plants often, but not always, coincides with high levels of antioxidants. ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ leverages plant-based ingredients providing high levels of Nrf2 activators to ensure the production of internal (endogenous) antioxidants in the body. (Note: Internal antioxidant levels cannot be measured by ORAC tests, so higher levels of internally produced antioxidants will provide cell protection above and beyond those capable of measurement by tests, such as ORAC5.0™).

Consequently, ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ is a potent Nrf2 activator formula that facilitates the body’s production of its own antioxidants, and thereby it is an excellent formula for applications relating to anti-aging, free-radical protection, and optimal health at any age.

3) VITAMIN C from superior sources. Vitamin C remains the body’s most potent water-soluble antioxidant, acts as a generous electron donor; can be “recharged” in the body (when given electrons); and can “recharge” other antioxidants (e.g., Vitamin E) by donating electrons.

While ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ is an astonishingly potent standalone antioxidant formula, it will work best when used as part of a complete nutritional supplement program. That is, it is designed to provide the greatest benefits when combined with other HPDI “Foundational Supplements,” which include a multivitamin, essential fatty acids, Vitamin C and/or Antioxidant formulas, and Rejuvenate! superfoods.



HPDI designs all of its formulas to be used within a complete nutritional supplementation system based on foundational supplements. While all our supplements can be used individually as standalone formulas, they work best when taken in combination with basic foundational formulas. ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ is no exception, and in fact, combining its antioxidant protection with a full complement of essential nutrients offers you the greatest potential for creating optimal health and wellness. For example, if you take ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ with a multivitamin, essential fats, and superfoods like REJUVENATE! Berries & Herbs, then your daily intake of antioxidants will likely measure in the millions of units (as measured by ORAC5.0™).


Foundational supplements are nutritional supplement formulas we consider essential for optimal health. In our years of experience as supplement designers and nutritional counselors, we at HPDI have found that these four types of formulas taken together are most effective for producing the best results. We have written extensively about the need for establishing and maintaining a daily regimen of foundational supplements (e.g., see “Why You Need Foundational Supplements” and our e-book, The Need for Foundational Supplements (.pdf).

However, with the arrival of ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™, which is truly a different and groundbreaking formula, we revisit the topic of Foundational Supplements with the intent of introducing it as a foundational supplement and providing a context within which it may best be understood. This will allow you more easily to understand and use ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ (and the other foundational formulas) to your greatest advantage for creating optimal health.

Here are the four types of foundational supplements:




4) HIGH-RNA SUPERFOODS, especially REJUVENATE!™ superfoods

foundational supplements pyramid

FIGURE 1. Good health can best be established using four types of foundational supplements: a multivitamin, antioxidants, essential fats, and high-RNA superfoods.


Because optimal health depends on the intake of all four types of supplements, we always recommend that everyone take all four of them before taking other types of supplements (i.e., formulas for specific conditions). Foundational formulas are the foundation or “core” of a nutritional supplement program. We start everyone on these in order to build good health. Once basic good health is attained (or someone has at least begun taking all four basic types of foundational formulas), then we advise adding specific supplements for their particular situation and individual needs.

Supplements taken in addition to foundational supplements can include both “add-on” (i.e., enhancement) formulas (such as magnesium, iodine, vitamin D3, digestive enzymes, etc.) and specific-condition formulas (such as Joint Health Formula, Allergy Support Plus, Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula, Eye & Vision Formula, etc.). The supplements taken after establishing a regimen of foundational supplements will, of course, depend heavily on individual needs, health issues, and priorities.

As noted, our preference for individuals to take all four foundational supplements does not mean that foundational supplements, “add-on” (or enhancement) formulas, or specific-condition formulas cannot be taken alone. It just means that best results tend to follow use of the complete system of supplementation starting with the four foundational formulas.


Another way of looking at it is that the foundational supplements are like the foundation of a house (i.e., your body and its health, as it were). They are like the bricks or blocks used to establish a base for a dwelling or structure. At this level, it is important that mistakes not be made. If you make a mistake in the foundation of a house, then the structure of the entire house is in danger and any flaw can be significant.

If you are missing essential components required for health, then your body and its metabolic processes cannot function at their highest level. The foundation must be well established before “building” higher levels. For example, adding additional non-foundational supplements “on top” (so to speak) may not be harmful, but they cannot be used most effectively when the “foundation” below them lacks structural integrity (provided by foundational supplements).

Once you have established a strong foundation, however, then the “bricks” (i.e., supplements) that come later, such as a supplement for joint health or for vision health, can build upon a strong base. These later supplements will do their jobs effectively when (and because) the foundational “bricks” are laid well. That is, when the foundational “bricks” do their job to ensure the integrity of your entire “house.”

Ultimate Protector - nrf2 activator

If any one of these foundational “bricks” is weak, damaged, flawed, or inadequate, then the entire structure of the house will lack integrity and be vulnerable to collapse. Similarly, when in your body any of the foundational supplements are missing, or are in low supply, or of poor quality, then the structural integrity of your body and health is at stake.


The health of your entire body depends on your intake of foundational supplements. Therefore, we have developed our nutritional supplements to fit within a  system of supplementation based upon the four foundational supplement types (multivitamin, Vitamin C / antioxidant, essential fats, high-RNA superfoods). It is that simple.

What is less simple for many people is taking foundational supplements regularly and never missing these basic four. Individuals who understand what foundational supplements offer (and/or who are in touch with themselves enough to feel and know the difference these formulas make in their lives) are usually the same people who exercise the greatest regularity about taking them. Once a person realizes what is possible in terms of improved health with foundational supplements, then taking foundational supplements on a consistent basis becomes a priority, which leads to better results, and improved long-term vitality and health.

So, these four types of supplements are essentially the basis for good nutrient intake and good health. Of course, these are food supplements. That is, they are used to supplement a good diet. What they provide are a complete group of nutrients needed for health (beyond mere calories). They help guarantee you don’t fail to obtain optimal amounts of vitamins, minerals, cofactors, fatty acids, Vitamin C, etc. In this respect they act as a means to ensure you have all the basic building blocks and prevent deficiency. They also are designed to provide optimal amounts of nutrients that you may not easily obtain from foods in the amounts required for best health.

Take Vitamin C, for example. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to obtain from foods the high levels of Vitamin C often required by the body to support optimal health, quench free radicals, and fight infection. The body, for example, may require thousands of times the US Recommended Daily Intake at certain times. Maintaining relatively high levels of many nutrients is one of the best ways to ensure and protect excellent health.


HPDI offers many different versions of the four basic types of foundational supplements. You can read more about them in greater detail. But here is a brief overview:

We offer a complete lineup of multivitamins, including vitamins for children (Chewable Kids Mighty-Multi!), an ultra pure formula free of additives (that is suitable for chemically and environmentally sensitive individuals), as well as advanced capsule and tablet forms (Multi Two, Mighty Multi-Vite!).

We offer several essential fats formulas, including Omega Plus and Essential Fats Plus E. Essential fatty acids play such critical roles in the body that they should be included in any nutritional supplement regimen.

We offer a wide range of Vitamin C and Antioxidant supplements, including ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™, PRO-C™, OPC-C, and various buffered Vitamin C products in tablet and powder forms. We continue to leverage the unique powers of Vitamin C, including its role as the body’s premier water soluble antioxidant, its generosity as an electron/hydrogen donor, its capacity to scavenge and/or reduce a wide range of free radicals (e.g., superoxide, nitroxide, hydroxyl, alkoxyl, and peroxyl radicals), its capacity to react with non-radical species (e.g., singlet oxygen), and its ability to “recycle” other antioxidants (due to its function as an electron donor).

HPDI is also proud to offer a full line of high-RNA REJUVENATE¡™ super foods, the first superfoods developed to provide high levels of nucleic acids (RNA, DNA), as well as nucleotides and nucleosides. These unique superfoods support optimal body function partly by boosting the production of energy (as ATP) in cells, thereby allowing cells to fulfill their proper functions including metabolism, intercellular communication, and detoxification. When cells can produce larger amounts of energy, the ultimate result is greater energy for the organism (i.e., you!). This manifests as greater physical energy, less fatigue, greater aerobic capacity (easier breathing), greater functional strength, and a more youthful appearance.

Our REJUVENATE!™ superfoods include Rejuvenate! PLUS (sweet greens), Rejuvenate! Berries & Herbs (advanced cell protection), Rejuvenate! Strawberry-Peach Protein Plus (tasty protein & RNA formula), Rejuvenate! PRO (great taste plus greens), and Rejuvenate! (original greens formula).


As a foundational supplement, ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ technically is a Vitamin C / Antioxidant formula within the HPDI system. This means it would be interchangeable with PRO-C™, or any of our Vitamin C products. However, due to the fact that is a super antioxidant formula offering  tens or hundreds times more antioxidant power (capsule for capsule) compared to any of our other Vitamin C formulas, ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ offers uniquely great potential as a foundational supplement.

That is, when ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ is used in combination with a high potency multivitamin, essential fats, and Rejuvenate!™ superfoods, then the total antioxidant potential soars far higher, and the result can be a nutritional supplement program so complete that no essential nutrients are missing. When this happens, the body has what it needs to create health. It also means that antioxidant capacity potentially rises into the millions of ORAC5.0 units daily. At this level, certain markers for aging and oxidation are reduced so dramatically that the aging process (as defined by specific oxidative effects) stops or even reverses itself. This is one of the most amazing benefits of implementing a regimen of high-quality foundational supplements.

And now, with the introduction of ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™, a base of foundational supplements becomes much more than something to maintain minimum nutrient status for health. Your foundation becomes a rich nutrient base that can dramatically boost energy levels and preserve good health. And this same base can protect you effectively against a host of free radicals and thereby greatly reduce the oxidative processes associated with damaged health, immune breakdown, inflammation, injury, toxic exposures (from radiation to pesticides), and aging itself.


Reports from users include having more energy, less fatigue, less need for sleep (e.g. staying up later and getting up earlier), feeling younger, warding off colds/flu, and generally being more in the “zone.” Also, surprisingly, we have received reports from users (and we at HPDI ourselves notice) certain mental effects, including more mental energy, greater ability to focus on tasks, as well as sustained brainpower and increased “mental endurance.”

That an antioxidant formula can provide 486,000 ORAC5.0™ units is quite astonishing. That it’s created completely from edible plants individually known as antioxidants and consumed widely is also pretty amazing. But that the formula has the power to help generate and maintain superb health (especially when used with other foundational supplements) is completely awesome. Which is why we developed ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ in the first place.

Try ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ for yourself today, and see just how big a difference it makes in your life. We guarantee it.


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e-book: The Need for Foundational Supplements (.pdf)

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Ultimate Protector flyer (.pdf)

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