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Dr. Hank Liers, PhD ultimate protectorHealth Products Distributors, Inc. recently released its new Ultimate Protector™ formula. Ultimate Protector is a next generation cell protection formula that simultaneously meets the needs for high levels of Vitamin C, full spectrum antioxidants (high ORAC values), and protective enzyme activators (Nrf2 activators) in a single product. This potent combination of characteristics distinguishes the formula because no other single product available today offers such complete protection. This formula represents a quantum leap forward in providing total antioxidant protection from all types of free-radicals!

Some of the benefits expected from using this formula:

ANTI-AGING. Ultimate Protector helps resist the aging process with extraordinarily potent free-radical defense. Consequently, you can feel younger, live longer, and be stronger.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. Fight inflammatory responses throughout your body! Reduce the inflammatory cascades leading to degenerative conditions and premature aging.

PAIN RELIEF. Free-radical damage can cause pain. Stop unnecesary oxidation rapidly by massively increasing your antioxidant potential with the most potent cell protection formula available (486,000 units!! – as measured by Brunswick Lab’s ORAC5.0™ test). This formula fights all five major types of free radicals making It the most complete protection you’ll ever find!

CARDIOVASCULAR SUPPORT. Vitamin C and other antioxidants help create optimal health for the entire cardiovascular system. Reduced oxidation in vessels and the heart allow and support for cell structures provides for greater cardiovascular health and prevents premature aging of the circulatory system.

FIGHTS HYPERTENSION. Provides plant-based nutrients known to mitigate high blood pressure.

BOOSTS IMMUNITY. Supports immune system health by providing nutrients that allow optimal oxidative defenses throughout the body.

REDUCES JOINT STIFFNESS. Supports joint health, flexibility, and normal range of motion. This benefit relates to the powerful anti-inflammatory effects Ultimate Protector provides.

FIGHTS EFFECTS OF RADIATION. Mitigates, prevents, and reverses genetic damage due to radiation exposure. Uniquely powerful capacity quench free radicals allows your body to heal adverse effects relating to harmful exposures (past and present).


ACTS FAST! Acts rapidly to quench free radicals. Effects may be noticeable within hours.


In order to get an initial idea of what some of the actual benefits users of Ultimate Protector are experiencing we have had a group of eight people take Ultimate Protector for a period of about two months. Then we asked them to tell us how they have benefited as a result. The results of this informal, anecdotal study are provided below.

In reviewing the experience of each person in the group, the following patterns emerged: 1) Most people have a clearer mind including better concentration, alertness, and greater focus, 2) Most people have experienced greater energy, endurance, and require less sleep, 3) Many have experienced greater resistance to colds, flu, and other illness, 4) Many reported reduced back and joint pains, as well as reduced inflammation, 5) Several people reported reduced allergies and improved breathing, and 6) One person experienced improved fine motor control and better balance.

Interestingly, when asked where in their supplement regimen they would rank this new formula, most participants said it was either first or second, and virtually everyone ranked it in their top three supplements. This is impressive for a new supplement entering into the regimens of people who already take a substantial number of supplements daily.

Here are experiences reported by each individual:

1) JJ – Here are some things I’ve noticed since taking Ultimate Protector for the last two months.

• My mind seems clearer.
• I have greater attention span.
• I feel more confident in every thing I do.
• I don’t tire as easy.
• I have more energy.
• I am less hungry.
• I am more emotional.
• I am breathing better.

2) JB – Benefits I have experienced after taking six to eight Ultimate Protector caps for the last two months.

• I need less sleep….noticeably.
• It helped me avoid a flu/cold and turned it into a two-day event rather than a two week event like most folks who have had the current strain.
• Ultimate Protector has made me feel more resilient to pain…like it’s moved me up a notch in health.
• The inflammation in old, injured areas of my ankles and knees seems to be less likely to flare up from heavy uses and when it might, it goes away quicker.
• Overall it seems to enhance my general health up a notch and specifically my immune health up several notches. I have noticed that I am happier emotionally.

3) RS – There are three results that stand out since I started taking Ultimate Protector (six to nine caps daily):

• I’m sleeping better. I’ve seen the symptoms of RLS (restless leg syndrome) become nonexistent since taking UP. I’m getting a deep, restful night’s sleep.
• I don’t have much muscle stiffness or leg cramps. Especially in the morning I’ve been used to stretching out my legs. UP seems to have drastically mitigated these symptoms.
• I’m not getting tired in the afternoon and my workday feels more creative and alert. Overall, my mind feels very clear!!

4) LL – I take four to six capsules of Ultimate Protector per day. My observations over the time I starting taking it about two months ago:

• I feel “brighter” when I get up in the morning.
• I get ‘cold sores’ on my lip about twice a year, usually when weather changes abruptly. This last bout, the sore lasted fewer days and was smaller and less painful. The change was quite noticeable.
• I feel more alert later into the afternoon and early evening than previously.
• Back pain minimized.
• I have been getting better at focusing on a task to completion rather than flitting around between tasks.

5) RB – Here are some of the things I have noticed since taking three caps in the morning and three in the evening of Ultimate Protector for the past two months.

• Greater relief from allergies (this so far is the best thing for me).
• I have more energy.
• I am feeling more rested in the morning.
• I am able to concentrate better
• I am able to breathe better.

6) FL – What I have noticed since taking Ultimate Protector for the past two months:

• I have greater energy.
• I require less sleep, and am more energized in the morning.
• I perform better even when I get less sleep than normal.
• I have greater capacity for mental concentration and focus.
• I feel rejuvenated and more youthful.
• It has helped me ward off colds and flu.
• I need to take fewer antioxidant supplements, i.e., I need less vitamin C.
• I feel “in the zone” more often.

7) MH – Since I started taking Ultimate Protector, I have noticed significantly less pain and inflammation in my body!! I am amazed and feel so much better!!

8) HL – I have been taking Ultimate Protector for the past two months at the level of 12 caps daily. Here is what I have noticed.

• I have noticed a reduction in joint pain.
• I have more energy.
• My mind is clearer.
• I have noticed better physical balance and improved fine motor control.
• It has helped me prevent colds and flu.

ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ ORAC Units Per Serving (six capsules)

ORAC5.0 Units
Per Serving*

Free Radical Type
17,700 Peroxyl Radical is very important in many biological systems, including lipid peroxidation, DNA cleavage, and protein backbone modification.
16,500 Hydroxyl is highly reactive and cannot be eliminated by our endogenous enzymes. It damages virtually all types of macromolecules: carbohydrates, nucleic acids, lipids, and amino acids. In the skin, hydroxyl radicals are created by UV exposure.
6,900 Peroxynitrite is a reactive nitrogen species that is particularly harmful to proteins. It has been implicated in the development of certain cancers, hepatitis, and chronic inflammation. In the skin, peroxynitrite contributes to the breakdown of vital proteins, such as collagen.
146,000 Singlet Oxygen is generated in the skin by UV exposure. It is linked to the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.
Superoxide Anion is a precursor of all other reactive oxygen species – sometimes referred to as “the mother of free radicals.” It is highly toxic and contributes to lipid and DNA damage.


Total Per Daily Serving of Six Capsules (2.81g)

* Brunswick Laboratories test results for ORACFN (ORAC5.0™) for ULTIMATE PROTECTOR™ are available here.


Ultimate Protector

Ultimate Protector NRF2 Activator

“Ultimate Protector and the Role of Foundational Supplements for Health”

“Ultimate Protector™ ORAC5.0™ Test Results”

“Description and Comparison of ORAC Tests for Well Known Plant Ingredients and Ultimate Protector™”

Preventing Free-Radical Damage Using Ultimate Protector™

New Directions for Preventing Free-Radical Damage

Natural Phytochemical Nrf2 Activators for Chemoprevention

Ultimate Protector flyer (.pdf)

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