An Inspiring Way to Grow Healthy Food and Avoid GMOs

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I just watched a TED talk by Pam Warhurst titled “How We Can Eat Our Landscapes.” For anyone who eats on a daily basis this is a must watch video! It is about putting ourselves in charge of our lives again and working together with our neighbors in very simple ways to create a healthier and more loving world.

As you may know from my blog article “Gardening for Health“, we as individuals now have a powerful array of tools that will allow us to grow incredibly healthy foods in our backyard gardens.

Combining our capacity to grow healthy food with Pam Warhurst’s “Incredible Edible” concept can take us to new levels of health, community spirit, caring for each other, and economic development on a local level. Simultaneoulsly, it provides a means to escape corporate agriculture with its very unhealthy reliance on monocultures, pesticides, and GMOs, and its depletion of nutrients from our soils.

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